I’m over this 😒

And now for a pregnant lady rant:

Getting in and out of bed has been agony for days now. My hips and joints are so, so, unhappy. Watched Frozen, finally, the other day and cried my eyes out through the whole movie. Tv, commercials, gusts of wind – all produce tears lately. Food sucks.. I’m hungry 24/7 but always feel post-thanksgiving stuffed… Heartburn can’t be easily avoided. Ligament pains have started up again which goes great with the achy stabby joint pains…  And going to the ladies room has become an unhappy, frequent chore with never a satisfying outcome. My breathing has become scary difficult with weird non-congestion and squished lungs..  I’m hot always, and my hair is always bugging me, yet putting it up creates a headache which Tylenol can’t fix…

My feet and ankles swelled and won’t go down. My fingers, even with the temporary (larger) wedding ring have fattened up, and even my face looks puffy. (see pic) I think the last few days have finally put me Over It. Lol

Somehow the freaky idea of childbirth seems totally worth it, now, in the sense that my body will quit being a dick.  Well,.. my body back, plus,… baby toes!


(34 Weeks along. End of 8th month. EEeeekk!)


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