Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse…

So it’s my birthday… And I’m 34 now. And it doesn’t feel like a birthday, or like there is any reason to celebrate. In fact, besides Bronson and everything surrounding him, this has been the worst year ever!

Cris and I have been struggling majorly since he got laid off in May. It’s been really hard and soul sucking.

He hasn’t found work yet. Now our unemployment is getting ready to run out. I have to try to find a job but I have no way to get to and from work..

Now we will have to find a way to get daycare so Cris and i can both work, if we can even get hired, but that’s just another thing we have to do..

I still have our Car Loan people calling us for money we don’t have, so that’s awesome. I really don’t know what else to do about that… I am so upset that we did all of that extra work to get the loan settled only to find out that they didn’t give a crap about any of it. And still want to send us to collections. They didn’t even offer to lower our monthly payments on paperwork.. Actually we’ve seen nothing on paper from them besides the document from carmax that they’d release the title. But it wouldn’t matter anyway since we couldn’t give them $3 if they asked. Oh well. They will have to send us to collections.. Whatever.

I am really having a hard time keeping it together. Bronson is an amazing distraction from the shit storm.. But I’m definitely depressed now. I get the impression that Cris is too..

I just wish he could find a job soon… Maybe even find a job that will allow me to stay at home so we don’t have to completely change our lifestyle but anything would do at this point…  I’ll get something too, hopefully, if needed, and we can at least get back on track..


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