Kiddy died today.. 

I noticed Kiddy was laying on the back porch this morning. There were flies buzzing around her in an odd way which drew me outside. When I opened the door I noticed she had a few wet spots, muddy & matted fur, and a spot of dried blood about the size of an orange on her left side. I immediately brought her inside. Upon further inspection, we saw that she had a second bloody spot near her butt and tail. Cris tried to wash her to see how deep the wounds were and noticed that her back legs & tail weren’t moving at all, even though she was becoming frantic near the water. Her hip appeared to be shattered and her whole hind end was misshapen. There was no way to fix it. She was done. We had to put her down. 

RIP Kiddy. 

So that sucks. 

Khali went missing just over a month ago. I had thought that maybe someone just stole her for their own. But now I suspect doggy foul play. 

Both of our cats, gone. We’ve had Kiddy since 2007. We got Khali in 2009.

RIP Khali. 

Both kitties, gone. WTH… 


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