life Reset Update… Month 1

So its been about one month since my post about rebooting my life.  I haven’t done amazing but, give me a break, its been only one month.  My mini-goals were as follows: Never get drunk, Read more, Blog more, Follow through in watching TV shows, Get on a schedule, Eat better food (and less food), & Be more active.  I’d say that for only one month, I am doing rather well on most points.

Drinking: I haven’t gotten drunk.  I haven’t really had any alcohol since its just not fun anymore.  So that one has been really easy.

Reading: I am on my 3rd book so far this year.  Reading more has been an easy one since my book club has had two really read-worthy books so far.  I have been trying to pickup my book more often rather than just sit on my phone or watch TV.  So far this year I have read American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, Carriers by Patrick Lynch, and am almost done with Seventh Grave & No Body by Darynda Jones.

Blogging: I have blogged more, if only for this topic. Still it is getting me in a habit to be more accountable for myself which is still positive.

TV Follow-through: TV is a funny one.  Finishing TV shows is a weird goal but it still leaves me feeling like I finished something I started… which even though its just a TV show is still a good habit to be in.  We are on the last season of Frasier and I am on season 6 of X-Files.  I am re-watching the X-Files without My Hubby so its taking a bit longer, but I am excited to be fresh before I watch the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED new season 10!

Getting on Schedule: Getting on a schedule hasn’t been easy.  I haven’t even really tried.  BUT – big news: I was hired with a CPA office on Friday and I start tomorrow(2/22/16)!!!  So that will REALLY help with forcing me to be on a schedule.

Being more active: – nope.  But again, with the new job this will force me to be outside, and since the office is located downtown, will force me to do some walking each day.  The office is on the 3rd floor, too, so if I can find a stairwell, I might attempt to use that daily for extra credit.

Eat Better: Nope… I am totally fat again too, so that sucks.  But I am working toward this one…….. sort of.


So that is that.  One month in.  I am not healthier AT ALL.  But I am trying to remember my goals which is a huge stride in the right direction.  Plus the depression should slowly fall away once my worth is affirmed with a daily job again.  And our money situation will be less dire as well which should also help.  I won’t be able to see my baby all day anymore, so hopefully that would present its own issues… but I won’t know about those until they arise.

Wish me luck?


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