Life Reset Month 3.5 – Owning It (for now)

I posted in February originally about doing a Life Reset. I hit a few snags and got pretty down on myself… but lately things are looking up a tad. As a reminder… the life reset goals were as follows:

  • Never get drunk
  • Read more
  • Blog more
  • Follow through in watching TV shows
  • Get on a schedule
  • Eat better food (and less food)
  • Be more active.

Booze…To start, the getting drunk thing is totally done- and- done. I have only had like 2 glasses of wine a month and only during my book club. Other than that I can count on one hand the other times when I have had a sip of anything boozy. The interest was almost gone already – since my pregnancy with Bronson. But that caused me to become a light-weight which made it really easy for me to accidentally get drunk on only 2 drinks… hence the goal “never get drunk”.

Reading… I have slammed this goal in the face lately! I have read 8 books this year which is more than the last two years put together. Three of those books I have read in the last 3 weeks alone. This is getting easier as I demand my concentration back. Hopefully my thyroid won’t go stupid again on me… that causes major fogginess… You can see my reviews on here or on my Goodreads page – if you like. J

Blogging… Just with this life reset thing, my reviews, and a few other things – this is going rather well, I’d say.

TV… Yea I gave up on this one. Too hard. Too many TV shows and not enough time.

Schedule… Obviously working did this one for me.

Eat Better Food!… This one is going amazing –right now- because I am on a no-bread/no-soda diet which is really making me feel better. Carbs weigh you down literally – and mentally, apparently. I feel better, lighter, more energetic, etc… and all because I am not eating sandwiches every day (which I thought was totally healthy). Still just beginning this one, so wish me luck that I don’t go carb-diving from cravings and ruin it.

Be more Active… Not yet. Trying to get the motivation. In July, this will become much easier – my total freedom will return. That always helps.

So there it is. Wish me luck… I am better this month than in January which is ultimately the real goal so only good things from here…. Maybe.


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