Michael Jackson RIP (August 29, 1958 ? June 25, 2009)

Michael Jackson RIP
(August 29, 1958 ? June 25, 2009)

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Ok, yea I was sad when I heard that Ed McMahon died. And I was also pretty sad about Farah Faucet losing her battle with cancer. But when I heard that Michael Jackson was in the hospital I was really scared. Then, when they said he was in a coma, I was even more scared that he was not going to be OK… then when they said he died – I welled up and have been fighting tears ever since.


I have a hard time understanding why the death of Michael Jackson is affecting me like it is. Many of my friends and family have also shared their feelings on the subject as being more bothered by it than they would have thought… and fighting tears as well.

I think I know why.

Michael Jackson is the king of pop. He was a Motown favorite as a kid with the Jackson Five. He was awesome in the world of Disco. We have seen him since a child, growing up on TV and playing music well into the 90s. We also watched as he went to the depth of plastic surgery – the likes which we will hopefully never see again… And saw his personal life shot into question with his alleged molestations of 2 young boys drawn out among two very public court cases where he was exonerated from all charges. I personally never thought he did it. I think that if he had, the jury would have convicted him of the charges at least one of the two times it went to court.

I hope that he is remembered for his music, and not for his personal issues. He was, and will forever remain the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson, RIP (August 29, 1958 ? June 25, 2009)


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