More Wedding Stress!!!

Posted by Tajanator on June 19, 2008 at 2:30 PM


June 19, 2008 – Thursday

Going Crazy

Current mood: stressed


I am finding myself going crazy lately. I have never been this stressed out in my entire life!!! There are too many things occupying my time and money and I just had a break down.

First off, my wedding is coming up in about 2 1/2 months and we haven’t completed planning yet!!


My Hubby got a bogus speeding ticket that they are trying to fine us $700 for; to contest it, he has to take off work and drive to San Luis Obispo where it happened.


Our previous apartment is holding our deposit and stating it is being used for damages that conveniently come to a total of $600, the exact amount of the deposit. She is trying to charge us for paint & carpeting which you can’t charge for after a tenant has lived there for over 2 years. So, we will be taking her to small claims court very soon.


I am going to school 4 days a week & homework take up a lot of my free time which there is none. (& also taking all of my possible sleep away, so I am grouchier too)


Cris’s great job that was supposed to fix all of our problems fell through and now we are stuck here at Hollis making ZERO money and not getting raises we are promised.


If this wasn’t enough, my car has begun showing signs that it may not last much longer which means maybe having to get a new one which we can’t afford.


All of our bills are being paid late cause we have to stretch our money out very far. (We haven’t bought groceries once since moving to our new apartment)


I am now gaining weight and probably won’t fit into my gown by the wedding; we still don’t have tuxedos.


And now, all of our wedding vendors are starting to ask us to pay the balances that we owe.




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