MRI -Wow!

I went to Truxtun Radiology today for my MRI appointment to see if there was a noticeable reason for my headaches.  They did scans both with and without dye in my veins – that was super weired feeling… like really cold.  My mom had this done recently so she said I could request a copy of my scans afterward and they would put them to disc.  I totally did.

Outcome- nothing shown in the MRI is of concern and/or out of normal except for the deformities explained by my Craniosynostosis.  Still don’t know why I am getting so many headaches.

After reviewing the disc that I got from my MRI scans, I am amazed by the photos because you can REALLY tell that I had Craniosynostosis – my skull deformity- as a baby… the pictures don’t lie.  My skull is crazy deformed under my hair!  It is really fascinating because I can feel some of the bumps and stuff with my hand, but I had no idea how bad it was. Its so neat!

See all of my MRI Images here.


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