My baby is already 10 months old! :'(

Bronson is growing so fast and developing faster.

10 Months Old
He just started trying to really practice and perfect walking over the last couple weeks.

He is now only interested in food if he can feed it to himself. Spoon feeding works only if he is tasting something on your plate, and only a couple times before he wants the spoon. We had to start giving him the squeeze package foods in a hard case so he can feed himself. Other than that he enjoys ask of the baby snacks that promote finger dexterity.

First time on a swing!
He loves to scream when he is excited or happy, and sometimes just to hear the noise it makes. He also began babbling a ton! He loves to involve himself in the conversation when we’ve neglected to include him. 🙄

He is now wearing size 4/5 shoes but it’s really hard to keep shoes on his feet so he mostly just goes barefoot.

He still hates diaper changes but isn’t so bad if you can distract him with a non-toy object that he’s not supposed to have. Mostly I think he just hates being held down.

He will be a year old very soon. I can’t believe it!!

Bronson, me, Cris, Brian, Janet, & Colin

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