My First Knit/Crochet Project: Evie’s baby Blanket

When  Bronson was a baby and I was home with him, it was hard to get stuff done since he needed constant monitoring. I got bored just sitting there so I decided to try knitting. After making a trip to Beverly’s Crafts, and brushing up on the garter stitch via YouTube, I started a baby blanket. I made a few mistakes along the way but it was just for something to occupy my time so I didn’t bother much with perfection. Eventually I gave up. 

Several months later I decided to undo the blanket (which I later learned was called “frogging”) and re-spooled the yarn for later use. A whole year past before I started it again. But I only got about a foot in length before I stopped again… It was  another year before picked it back up. 

I learned I was pregnant in October 2016 and my re-interest in knitting was perked. I quit working in  December so I had hours to fill, once again.  By  February I had about 2 feet of blanket done. I found out on Jan 30th that I was having a girl. And I got excited at that point realizing I could actually make this into a baby blanket for my new daughter!

Speeding up

About a month later I had finished the length of the blanket. About 30″long. 

Adding a border

Next I decided to try crocheting. I wanted a nice solid border so I researched the simplest crochet border patterns that a competent beginner could learn and complete without too much struggle. I found out that it’s important to start  with the single crochet border, to give it an even edge to crochet a thicker border on to. I did this with the same yarn I had knitted the blanket with. And since the single crochet is a beginner stitch, it was a good way for me to get the hang of crocheting and how to hold the yarn and crochet hook, etc. 

Anyway it turned out to be easier than I thought! 

Next I decided to try a different stitch. The single crochet was a little tight, and very small. So I taught myself the double crochet border. The first solid color I choose was white. I figured it would really separate the work from the border in a nice finished way. It turned out SO much better than I could have imagined. 

I’m so proud of myself.. I am very confident in the fact that I can do this skill. I am not very happy with myself a lot of the time. So this really makes me feel good about myself. I’m very excited to see what else I can make!!! 

Next, I plan to add more colors, solid, around the edges to complete the border. I am toying with the idea of learning a crocheted ruffle stitch for the final stripe. But I’m not decided on that just yet. 

3/13/17  Update 

Since my last entry, I have learned several more base stitches. I also learned that the ruffled border was totally within my skill level since you can do it simply by adding more stitches per chain so that the material buckles. The more you add, the more dramatic the ruffle ends up. I plan to add a couple layers to lengthen it and I want to find a yard that is particularly soft for a snuggly feel. 

 Today I made a trip to Beverly’s Crafts with my mom & brother. She said she would get the yarn for Evie’s blanket border since I’d otherwise have to wait until our tax return to even consider spending the money… 

I had decided on a purple and pink solid border to surround the white. The pink being larger than the other two, and ruffled, for a girlie finish. 

When I got home, I eagerly began adding the purple. To my immediate dismay, I realized that it didn’t look right. The purple seemed to match the yarn while at the store but it is a lighter shade. While we originally thought that would be ok, I now realized that we were wrong. I texted a photo to my mom for her opinion. 

To confirm that the pink wouldn’t pull it together, I stitched a few lines of pink over the purple and confirmed my assumption… 😕 

The pink looks really good with the knit. It’s also a fuzzy soft with sparkles which I just love. But the purple really just doesn’t work… 

Mom said she’d look at the yarn at a craft store near her work tomorrow. If she doesn’t find a suitable purple then I’ll probably just add another white line, then go right into the pink & ruffled finish. But I’m  still rethinking… 

3/17/17 Update

Not only did we find the perfect purple, but I also totally finished the blanket! I stitched one line of the new purple into the white border. Then I added the pink ruffle border to finish. 

And best yet? I even got her name crocheted and  stitched on!

Here is the finished product! 


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