My tiny boy is TWO!! 💚

This post is a little late, but oh well.

Last month, my tiny baby boy turned two years old. Its so crazy to watch him growing up and learning every day. He is the best thing in my life, and in my day.

I’ve had some major depressions and health issues lately but he keeps me from going off the deep end.  I love him more than anything ever in the history of the multiverse!!

13494934_1630836873900750_7532533331609628433_nOk, so what happened this year? So much!

He was already walking by his first birthday, but now he’s a pro.  He started running just a few months ago (besides that cute hop-walk he was doing until then).

He began talking!  He is not a pro at this yet but he is learning new words every single day!  His pronunciation still has some work but for now, mommy and daddy understand him just fine and can translate for others.13411644_1623534921297612_8156619093503667627_o

He moved out of his crib and into a toddler bed!  This wasn’t our decision… but became necessary when he started climbing out of the crib nightly.  We had to completely redo his room with toddler-proofing and make it an open area for him to play.  This also helps with the mess of toys in the living room.

He began playing with video on his “pone” and tablet which is new.  He loves Elsa, Elmo, and Nemo the best, and identifies his movies by the main character’s name.  When he wants to watch Frozen, he tells you “El-tza” which is the cutest thing ever.

He grew right through several sizes this year.  He is now in size 2t/3t shirts and 2t pants, and wears 3T/4T jammies.  He is now in size 7 toddler shoes.

His latest stats / June 7th:

28 pounds (50th percentile in weight), and

34 inches tall (50th percentile in height).

I think that the “official stats” are off though… everyone sees Bronson as huge and he towers over other kids his age.  Even his daycare lady was shocked to find out at his age because of his size… she had been thinking he was behind on his development until learning he was only just turning two.  But who knows.

We took away all sippies with nipples, and took away the binky.  The binky was harder.

He also has become really attached to one of my old baby blankets: a white blanket with a giant deer on the front.  Its a very thin material and soft to touch so I am sure that is part of it.  He now demands that blanket for bed each night along with his green monster doll that Cris got him at the hospital the day he was born.  It is his favorite which I think is sweet.

Recently he also began putting stuff up his nose!!!  This one scares mommy.  He had over 5 macaroni noodles in there the first time he did it.  I had to blow in his mouth to dislodge them.  He thought that was funny, of course.

Anyway, I will edit this to add stuff if I forgot… but in the mean time, you can see videos of him on my youtube channel, and enjoy this gallery of photos from this year below. icon-arrow-circle-down

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