Cough of Death

I got a job working with a CPA at a really cool little 3rd story office suite downtown within walking distance of a substation deli. I’m the catchall office person which is so up my alley. (First day was Monday 2/22/16)

I’ve had this cough since Feb 14th (yep, Valientine’s Day) that got better then totally worse…  Even had it during my interview on the 19th but hoped it would go away before my first day.

Today was my second day of work and it got so bad that my voice began to go (and completely disappeared by the end of the day). I had to leave to go to urgent care and gets meds immediately.

On my second day. SERIOUSLY!??? I really hope that my new boss doesn’t see me as the worst employee ever for this.. I think I’m going to love this job and I really want the chance to show her.

So, anyway, the doctor said my cough is due to some crazy viral coughing epidemic that’s become rampant over the last couple months which is causing throat infections, pneumonia, etc. and lasts for about a month before the body finally fights it off.  She gave me a zpack, cough syrup, alergy meds, and steroids to fight it from every angle but still insisted I’d probably have to suffer the full four weeks before seeing it fought off completely which seems to be standard recuperation time.

Sorta amusing that my book club’s book this month was a pandemic story about a hemorrhagic ebola-like epidemic-on-steroids which begins with a horrible COUGH!


(Carriers by Patrick Lynch if you want to read it, was actually a terrific book by the way.)
Here is my review of this book, in case you are interested.

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Review: Carriers: A Novel

Carriers: A Novel
Carriers: A Novel by Patrick Lynch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a really good read. The book was a little slow-ish to start. Slow-ish because the urgency that you would expect once a sort of plague begins to show itself -that there would be more panic and that stuff would begin to happen quickly- seemed to wait until much later in the book to begin. I think that since this took a scientific approach, and they were really concerned with each site and what happened, that it just maybe moved in slow motion for me at first. It was not by any means boring though, and after a time the story began to pickup pace as expected.

I really got attached to the two main female characters Carmen and Holly. I found myself being irritated with their choices even though there was no way that they could have known they were in a story about a plague… because I kept seeing their demise in my imagination, based on their decision making, it made me want to kick them in the pants here or there. For instance when Carmen first decided to help out in Indonesia. And when Holly made a break for the woods, (view spoiler)

I found myself by the end amused with the author’s decision to leave one story aspect unresolved. (view spoiler) But he never did! Or, if he did I totally missed it…

I was also really amused by the sort of Morale of the Story concerning today’s political climate and iffy scientific advancements. (view spoiler).

Then you add the scientific element. (view spoiler).

All in all, this was a really good read. It is the first book I have finished which has a pandemic story line. I am not sure if I should expect this genre to follow this pattern or not. But I would say this was a good one.

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