Nipple Confusion is real!

So about 4 week after Bronson was born, his need began to outweigh my milk supply. I started trying different techniques to increase supply but we had to supplement his breastmilk intake with formula. He was doing pretty well for a couple weeks but then he began rejecting the nipple of the bottle. (We were using the medela breastfeeding suction nipples which make it easier for switching between bottle and breast.) i have him a different bottle, the Nuk breastfeeding friendly bottle, which risky messed him up…

He found out that he can chew to get milk out. We switched him back immediately but the damage was done. He still breast fed just fine but the bottle is a struggle every time now. My milk supply is finally increasing enough that he may no longer need the bottle at all……

And now a new issue. He is rejecting the Beast now too. He roots around my neck and chest but when i give him the boob he just cries on it and won’t latch! I’m freaking out.. This is really stupid. I’m gonna keep trying but I’m afraid that we will have to switch to the easy bottles entirely now, and stop the breastfeeding all together! Not cool. 😕


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