No-Fat diet Journal… 

Due to my 3rd Trimester Gallstones situation, I have had to cut out all fats. The various diet articles I’ve found for the gallbladder aren’t very comprehensive. Some say citrus is good, other say citrus will cause an attack. So I’m journaling so I  can decide for myself what works and what doesn’t.

My plan:

I’m going to stick to fruits like bananas & apples, and maybe oranges. I’m going to stick to veggies like tomato, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots… Rabbit food. I’m going to also eat as much chicken as I can. I’m not quite sure how to work some carbs in just yet…

May 22nd,

breakfast & lunch included dairy. I found out about yes gallstones at 3pm. For dinner I had grilled chicken and boiled mashed potatoes. No milk or butter. I felt fine after dinner.

May 23rd,

I had an apple and a banana for breakfast. I was hungry by 8:45am… So I  also had baby carrots..

May 24th.

This is already getting old. I’m craving fat & dairy. I want cheese and butter, bread with fixens, red meat.. My body has noticed the change. But I’m sticking to it. Ive got chicken & carrots boiling. I’ll eat that, and probably bread, for dinner. No desert as sad as that makes me…

June 3rd.

Today was really hard.  We had Bronson’s birthday party at Tony’s Pizza which is the best pizza in town… and I was CRAVING the combination pizza… But I couldn’t have any.  I also couldn’t have any of the giant cookie or cupcakes.  I ate an apple and drank water while there and I felt like it made my attitude slightly sour.  Hopefully no one noticed.

My diet is really boring and it is getting harder each day to find something to eat that doesn’t stress me out longing for real food.  I have had to add some not-so-good items to my diet to keep myself sane like Frosted Flakes which have no fat but are basically cardboard in nutrition value.  Bread, carrots, potatoes, trimmed boiled chicken, and fruits are still my main foods.  I have also got some eggbeaters which are fatfree for the occasional scrambled egg breakfast.  They aren’t nearly as good as the real thing.  Ugh……. I seriously can’t wait for the surgery to be over so I can eat again. 

Ongoing post… Updates coming…


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