Normal routines again!!

Posted by Tajanator on September 16, 2008 at 3:05 PM


September 16, 2008 – Tuesday

Normal routines again!!

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The madness is finally over!! We are married, and back from the honeymoon. The only thing left is to pay off the $8,000 debt we acquired over the last few months!! Yay, debt!! Any-hoo… the weight I tried to lose for the wedding was fighting with my urge to stress eat and the weight never left. Now, I am on a mission. I want to get back into a size 9. I am currently fitting tightly into an 11 – I refuse to buy size 13s so my only option is to lose weight. I am not gonna measure in pounds cause I only get frustrated that way, and am not going to do any kind of crazy diet either cause I love food too much. I am just gonna try to exercise it off. Gosh, I hope that works!!I want to be a sexy wife. lol

Anyone who wants to workout – ever – call me!!


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