Ugh.. I wish my hair did ponytails better. It’s just SO…

Ugh.. I wish my hair did ponytails better. It’s just SO THIN! So, this is the best version of every pinterest ponytail I’ve tried… 2 ponys on top of eachother, with hair binding them to one. Teased in the middle. And it’s already falling and becoming thinner… Boooooo 👎😠#34weekspregnant #hotflashes #thinhair #summersucks #bakersfieldheat

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No-Fat diet Journal… 

Due to my 3rd Trimester Gallstones situation, I have had to cut out all fats. The various diet articles I’ve found for the gallbladder aren’t very comprehensive. Some say citrus is good, other say citrus will cause an attack. So I’m journaling so I  can decide for myself what works and what doesn’t.

My plan:

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Today I found out I’ve got Gallstones. 

Today, my doctor called me with results of a scan last Saturday to inform me that my Gallbladder is the reason I keep experiencing severe intense pain.  She said there is currently no sign of infection.  With that, we are going to wait until after I give birth to do anything about the gallbladder situation.  If I get a fever at any time, I may need to go in immediately to scan for possible infection which is life threatening. Nice.

Right now, I am not in immediate danger. The baby is also not in danger at the moment so that is good.  I am currently 33 weeks pregnant.  Only another month & a half to go on that front.

The pain is my biggest concern right now.  The first attack was so intense that I mentally compared it to labor pains.  It began in my guts and circled through my ribs and sides.  Once the pain reached a certain threshold, my torso muscles began to contract uncontrollably which caused a whole new type of pain on top of the aches, cramps, & sharp pains.Continue This Post…»