Patriotism? vs Racism?

Posted by Tajanator on February 26, 2008 at 4:54 PM


There is a serious problem in this country and it is starting to affect my personal views in a way that make me sad and surprised.

First let me start by saying I have never held any racist ideals, and continue to look at people on a case by case basis. I have no issues with blacks, or Asians, or Muslims, or Mexicans, or any not mentioned.

Now? The recent and continuing problems on immigration are making me realize a few things about myself.

If you want to be here in America, and live and prosper… then do it. Move here and become an American. If you want to move here and stay, without becoming American… this is also ok. Everyone takes vacations.

There are a few problems with the recent attack on our borders that not everyone really understands.

Joining a country requires gaining citizenship. What is happening is an invasion.

A Few Points:

* Immigrants waive the flag of their new country with pride.

***Invaders waive the flag of their own country through the streets of the country they are trying to take.

* Immigrants learn the language of the country they want to be a part of.

***Invaders try to force their own language in the country they are trying to take.

*Immigrants follow with the laws of the country they are joining without question.

*** Invaders purposely break the laws to show there unwillingness to conform to a country they do not like. They adapt their own laws as they take over.

  • Immigrants come over in ships and go through the required systems to legally document their presence.

*** Invaders go over fences. They go under water. They come over as sneaky as they can as to not announce their presence so they can give a surprise attack.

These are only a few examples of the difference between Immigrants and acting invaders of any country.

When we took this country from the Indians, we didn?t attempt to learn Indian languages. We brought our own language and forced it on the natives.

When we took this country from the Indians, we did not adapt any of their ideals or lifestyles. We forced them to change their ways to fit our wants and needs. We did this when we were invading. When we were forcefully taking a country that was not ours but that we set out sights on? that we wanted and we took it.

No one is noticing the similarities and differences because there is a newly designed gray area called “Political correctness”.

I understand that this country is embarrassed; we are the biggest and best in the world and yet have been unaware of a sneak attack that has successfully allowed millions of people from another country to invade slowly. We are not only surprised but many of us are still unwilling to admit that we are being invaded.

There is even a break in ideals of our own citizens:

  1. The one?s who believe that there is no invasion want amnesty for the “immigrants” who are already here, to wash away and forget about this problem. (as if it never happened)

  2. The one?s who believe as I do that this is in every way an invasion want to secure borders and make this our country once more.

The people who swear that there is a large gray area will look at the 2 points above and say that there is much not mentioned that needs to be considered. I disagree.

I think we need to take this county back for our own. I don?t think there is an easy way to do this, our country is so used to the simple life that we forgot how many wars it took for us to be this free. Why are we trying to be so benevolent that we willingly hand this freedom to anyone who demands it? When did we lose our fight? I see this becoming much more serious before it is solved. I believe that eventually this will break out into a full blown war.

The biggest problem is that it won?t be a war against 2 countries, it will be a civil war because there are so many citizens that side with the invading country and this treasonous act is seen as the Christian way, or the right way, or the nice way to deal with it.

When the war breaks out, which side will you be on?


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