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Posted by Tajanator on March 19, 2009 at 3:05 PM


March 19, 2009 – Thursday

Creepy Dream

So, last night I had a pretty bad dream that my Auntie Mom, Annette had a terrible heart condition where her heart began beating very quickly and she couldn’t slow it down so it took her life. My whole dream was vividly grieving the loss of my mom’s best friend. Very emotional. This morning, I called my mom to wish her a Happy Birthday and told her about the dream. I asked her if she knew if Annette was ok… cause it was a vivid dream and I wanted to be sure it was all just my dumb subconscious. Just then, my mom got another call and put me on hold. It was Annette calling to wish her a Happy Birthday. My mom asked her about her health and told her the dream I had had. Annette was creeped out (as you do) and then told my mom that she had a dream last night too… in her dream she was having horrible heart conditions where her heart was beating too fast and she could not get it under control feeling like she was going to die. My mom got back on the phone with me to tell me this. Then she got another call and put me on hold again… It was my grandma Marion calling to wish her a Happy Birthday. She also wanted to tell her that she was taking Grandpa Bobby to the hospital because he was having heart trouble… he couldn’t get his heart to slow down. My mom got back on the phone with me to tell me this… and I was even more creeped out, but slightly amused cause I felt like I was in a Twilight Zone episode. (When my grandpa got to the hospital his heart was already under control and they left again. He is fine). About an hour after I spoke to my mom she told the story to a co-worker, Pam, as an office anticdote. Pam then said that it was interesting because her uncle had the same heart condition and was scheduled for surgery to receive a pace maker the same day. YIKES!!! So, nothing came of these warnings… eveyone is ok… no one’s heart killed them… (as far as I know…) But they sure creeped me out!!!! Has anyone else had any heart beat conditions happen today?? Share!!


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