Post Pregnancy Medical Shit (what they DON’T tell you)

During my pregnancy, I got healthy. I ate only healthy foods and actually lost much of my accumulated body fat. By the third trimester I was thin. I weighed 184 because I was fully pregnant. Even though I was 170 before the pregnancy, I dropped quickly to 155 after my son was born.


They don’t tell you the sort of hormonal switches that happen in order to allow you to breastfeed. Most woman, myself included, crave food like never before. I craved carbs and never felt full. I ate and ate. I gained back to 165 quickly. I stopped breastfeeding when my son was 3 months old, for non-related reasons, thinking my appetite and weight would adjust appropriately. How wrong I was.

Post Pregnancy Thyroid Issues

I continued to gain weight, and feel tired. Actually, tired is not really the best word. The exhaustion that I felt seemed unreal. It felt as though gravity was more focused on me and my body and limbs than on the rest of existence. I didn’t feel lazy, though, I felt debilitated. This was a constant from the day Bronson was born. At first I assumed I was just not getting enough sleep which is typical. When I told people about it they all gave me the knowing look and expressed how tired they were when they had babies. Eventually I came to the conclusion that this cannot be normal.. I was getting angry all of the time, my hormones had not yet leveled out, mood swings were worse than they’d ever been, and I continued to gain weight.

Seeking Professional Help

Finally deciding that this could not be normal, I decided to do something. I was sure that I could feel better – I had to feel better. I went to see a doctor with a medical group called Advanced Woman’s Center. I figured they should be able to measure my hormones and symptoms and maybe give me something to make me feel better.

The Testing

First they tested my hormone levels and saw that they were way lower than normal. I was prescribed Minastrin Birth Control and Levothyroxine thyroid medicine to increase and level my hormones.

The Result

WOW!!! I noticed a difference immediately. I took the birth control for only two months because it seemed to be making my mood swings worse and stopped them on my own between doctor visits. I felt even better when talking only thyroid medicine. When I went back, the doctor tested me again and concluded that my thyroid was the source of my issues. He diagnosed Hypothyroidism.

Apparently, Thyroid disorders are extremely common post pregnancy!!!!

The Aftermath

I’m now talking thyroid pills regularly. I may never be able to quit these pills.

My cholesterol is very poor due to the weight and bad eating habits.

My feet hurt when I attempted exercise, now even when I walk around the house, because the extra weight is causing strain on my high foot arches… personally I think it’s causing my arches to fall but I’ve not been to a specialist for this yet.

Before I finally found the meds to help my situation, I topped out at 191 pounds.

I’m now on a heart-healthy, low calorie diet which I hope to make into a lifestyle change. My personal home scale has measured a total 7 pound weight loss, so far, since the beginning of the thyroid medicine

The Doctor saw the small decrease in weight but felt that it was not a very good start. Worried that my metabolism had gone into reverse (actually possible to gain weight even when practically starving yourself) he decided to prescribe a drug in the meth family called Phentermine to increase my energy levels, and to kick start my metabolism since it had dropped to non-existent. I’ve been on the new phentermine for one week and have seen no new results yet.

I’m hopeful that I can get back to normal. I want to be healthy and fit for my son. I finally feel positive about the outcome of all the doctor visits and struggle if, for no other reason, than I finally have my energy back.  But from what I’ve read and heard, many women never dig themselves out of this hole.

The weight many women struggle with after having a child isn’t the weight gained during the pregnancy, but from the changes they weren’t prepared for that altered the way their body responds to food. My struggle with my thyroid has just begun. My son will be 10 months old in a couple days. I now weigh 188 by doctor’s scale, 180 by my home scale. My goal is to weigh no more than 160 by my son’s first birthday. I really hope that my metabolism can get back on track or this goal may never be reached…… scary thought.
 3 Months Post-Pregnancy: 155 pound

9 Months Post-Pregnancy: 191 pounds


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UPDATE 5/15/15:
I’m still on a 1200 diet and I’ve so far lost only 9 pounds by the doctor’s scale. I’m at 182. I’ve been on thyroid meds since December, and started losing weight by April. I’ve been on phentermine for one month so far. My doctor didn’t realize I was also on a low calorie, low carb, low sugar, diet since 3/30/14… And decided that I should be losing weight at a much faster rate, taking that into account, so he upped my thyroid meds (Levothyroxine) to 75mg from 50mg. He also upped Phentermine to 37.5mg. Hopefully this makes the difference……. fingers crossed

UPDATE 6/12/15
Cris lost his job on 5/4/15 which made it very difficult to continue dieting. I’m still watching my intake and food choices, but not counting calories. As a result, my doctor appt today showed I was only 1pound down. Now at 180. The phentermine, miracle weight loss pill, didn’t seem to be working. This is getting really depressing…

UPDATE 7/10/15
Did a little better at this visit. I’m down to 176 pounds which is good. It’s not going fast, but it’s still a downward slope so that’s positive. He put me on phentermine again but he’s not going to keep me on through August. He says it’s good to let the body rest. Also it may have become less sensitive to the drug so he wants to skip a month and continue it again in September. Next appointment isn’t until 9/11.


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