Pregnancy Journal – First Trimester 10/11/16 – 1/3/17

First of all, here are my calculations:

LMP Conception 1st Trimester Ends 2nd Trimester Ends DUE DATE!!
Sept 27, 2016 Tue, Oct 11, 2016 Fri, Jan 3, 2017 Fri, Apr 3, 2017 Sat, July 4, 2017


10/28/16 – Today I realized I had stopped starting my period.  Since this is super weird, I took a pregnancy test. And it was positive but very very faint…. I will test again tomorrow morning as the morning should yield better results if I am preg.  OMG…


10/29/16 – This morning at 6am I did another test. Way darker line! PREGNANT!! OMG OMG!!


10/31/16 – Scheduled  a doctor appt for Friday. I can’t wait to get confirmation… I am totally in denial.


5 Weeks Along…


11/4/16 – The doctor couldn’t confirm anything… and she seemed to act funny. When I got home I saw blood so I wonder if that is why she acted funny…. She also gave me lab paperwork and rescheduled me for 3 weeks because she said she should be able to see on ultrasound by then… She also prescribed progesterone saying “we will try to keep in until we can see if it is viable” … wtf??  I am worrying now.

Took another test when I got home.  Still very dark line saying “pregnant”.  ugh…. I hope I don’t have a miscarriage… 🙁


6 Weeks Along…

11/7/16 – After a few days of Progesterone I would have expected symptoms to start… My breasts have been a little tender but that could be from the PMS of not starting my period.  Ugh…  Plus I did the stupid thing where I looked on Google for reasons I might have a positive test but not be pregnant…. maybe I have cancer?  I hate this.

11/9/16 – Felt nauseous after eating a Tums today. It hit really hard then went away. Hmmmm….

11/10/16 – Felt nauseous after eating my favorite breakfast: egg sandwich with mayo.  Yep that was not a drill.  Definitely experiencing morning sickness now.

11/12/16 – Did OK during Comic Con.  Even had Chinese food for dinner without issue.

11/13/16 –  Couldn’t eat my eggs or any of my breakfast with Reagan & Bronson at Denny’s this morning.  Made me really sick to my stomach.   Feels like its getting more frequent now.


7 Weeks Along…


11/15/16 – Morning sickness was really bad today. Worse than with Bronson. I dry heaved a few times which somehow made me feel better.. but not for long. I had to call-in at work.  I slept most of the day.


11/17/16 – Felt a little better today so I went to lunch with my mom.  Scared of any real food, we went to Lassens for the salad bar.  After eating most of my salad and feeling pretty good, it all suddenly went south.  As I ran to the bathroom at the back of the grocery store, I almost lost it in the fresh fruit section; I made it to the restroom. But I tossed up everything I had eaten for lunch.

Side-note: Haven’t bled since the day at the doctor’s on 11/4/16.

PREGNANCY MILESTONE: First time that morning sickness has made be puke.


Still 7 Weeks Along…

11/23/16:  Today I had my first ultrasound. She saw a heartbeat and said everything looks normal. By original calculations I should be 8 weeks 2 days along. But afterward she changed it. She said based on gestation size, and my conception date, she believes I’m 7 weeks, 4 days along. She believes I may have lobbyists late and that conception would have been Oct 15th (4 days after we tried). She also changed my due date to July 14, 2017 -this due date doesn’t add up though… based on Oct 15th conception, and today being 7weeks, 4 days, that puts my due date at July 8th.

(I fixed the dates above to reflect the new dates)


Facebook Official 11/25/16

It’s still a little early, 

but we just couldn’t wait, 

to share the news that our little gaming family, 

has a fourth player on the way! 


8 Weeks Along…

11/27/16: The morning sickness is daily, and is constant.  I am worried about work.  Soooo bad…… ugh!!!

9 Weeks Along…

12/9/16: The morning sickness has taken a strange turn. Now, instead of walking up immediately feeling nauseous, I feel horribly achy all over. I also always have a painful lump in my tummy which feels like a mass of undigested food (even when I skip dinner). The nausea now kicks in around 10am at the latest. The weirdest part is how, every morning, at around 10:30, I get a sudden darkness draped over my entire being, an inescapable exhaustion, as if I hadn’t slept for days and it finally caught up to me. I’ve had to take very early naps on days I’m home. The exhaustion, couples with the nausea and dizziness. A trio that can’t be ignored.

I really hope my 2nd Trimester is less disruptive to my life and my job…

12/9/16: When inserting my progesterone dose tonight, I found quite a bit of pink blood marbled with mucus. I’m instantly concerned about miscarriage since my first pregnancy ended at 11 weeks. Hoping it’s nothing… But…


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