Pregnancy update


3rd Trimester / Almost 7 months pregnant. / 30th week. Evie should be around 3 lbs. 

My symptoms have, very suddenly, become very debilitating. All the normal stuff applies. Sleeping isn’t going well because laying down is less comfortable. My hip joints hurt, my back and tailbone are popping more, etc. 

Evie’s kicking more and more. 

Her kicks are very noticeable now. And I think I’m feeling her more acutely than I did Bronson. Her kicks tend to hurt when she really gets moving as where Bronson’s didn’t as much. I’m relishing every kick as it means she’s still in there and still growing. Even if they can be fairly uncomfortable. 

The biggest thing is Bronson. I’m getting in the last little bit of Bronson time before Evie gets here and changes our family of 3 to a family of 4. For several weeks, while she’s brand new, Bronson will probably feel left out a little. Hopefully not… But he went be used to having me dote over anyone but him… 

Anyway, here is my most recent belly pic (taken a few days ago) Enjoy. 




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