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Posted by Tajanator on January 21, 2009 at 6:24 PM


Ok.  There are many things that bother me about our new president.  But, he is our president.  As a republican, and a patriot, I do want the best for our country.  I have to admit, I do not in any way believe that Obama is the best for our country; but, I do not want him to fail.  In failing, he will prove us Republicans marginally right in our original statements and worries about how he can handle this job.  But, if I wanted him to fail then I would really be hoping that our country fails.  This, of course, is a stupid way to approach anything.

There are many who hope he is assassinated.  This one of the most radical and hurtful things I have heard too often as I have ease dropped at bars, and around town when the political discussion comes up.  Something like this would be detrimental to our country.  If we thought we were spit before, something as stupid as one person?s action in that instance would forever spit our country.  We would no longer be the United States of America; we would be divided. All the progress we have made since the days of slavery will be reversed.  Even if he is slain by a person of African decent we will still be divided.  Obama is 50% black; but, he is also 50% white.  Anyone who makes an attempt on his life will be seen as a racist no matter their heritage.  And, our country would almost certainly never recover.

I am hereby waiving the white flag.  I hope the best for our new president.  May he live up to the potential that so many see in him.  I hope, if change is imminent, that it is for the better of our country and not the beginning of our demise.  I hope that the socialist ideals he seems to encompass waiver as he truly understands his position in our government.  He is now the leader of our free world.  May he keep us free.

Update: This has since been recanted.


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