Pushing for motivation

I am desperate for motivation and to have someone or something keep me accountable for my health goals.  I am trying sparkpeople again… its an app/ fitness tracker.

If you want to keep up with my tracking and fitness, I’ve added a weight tracker in the sidebar.


See my progress on my fitness profiles below
(I’m on several until I find one I like best):

SparkPeople:       my.sparkpeople.com/tajanator

My Fitness Pal    myfitnesspal.com/user/tajanator

FatSecret            fatsecret.com/member/tajameadows

FitBit                   fitbit.com/user/4SH6L6



Why now, you ask?  Because I just found out that my BMI puts me .01 point away from “Obese”.  That is unacceptable.

Wish me luck, folks!


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