Alfred H. Makhanian {1932-2009}

Alfred H. Makhanian {1932-2009}

Al was Taja’s uncle – twice removed – from her stepdads side of the family.  Al was the owner of the Direct Home Shopping Network and owner of Glendale Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Al was born Alfred H. Makhanian on June 19, 1932 in Los Angeles, CA. He passed away

at 5:45pm on November 15, 2009 in Burbank, CA.  He had been diagnosed with stage 5 lung cancer just months before his death when the cancer was noticed to have already taken over much of his lung capacity making breathing a chore for the remainder of his life.  He was a wonderful comedic man that brought smiles to many of us through the years.  He was involved with several charities, his favorite being World Bible Society.  He was survived by his children: Natalie Sugimoto, Steven Makhanian, Cynthia Kent and David Makhanian, and his wife of almost 40 years, Anna Lee Makhanian. Our love goes out to AnnaLee in this rough time.

Al’s Memorial Service was held Monday 11/23/09 at 12:00 noon at Forest Lawn Mortuary in Hollywood, California.

In lieu of flowers, Al would like donations to:
PO BOX 5000


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