Dorothy Irene Enderle-Groat {1926 – 2006}

 Dorothy Enderle-Groat {1926 – 2006}

Dorothy is Taja’s Grandpa Ed’s sister; she is Taja’s great aunt.

When I was younger, she lived in Morro Bay and we would visit her every year in her mobile home by the beach. We would go to shell shops, etc. I always remembered her for being very outspoken and stubborn; but in a good spirited fun way. She came to live in Bakersfield after she had a debilitating stroke that left her unable to care for herself completely. She came to live in a home for people with these kind of problems. This stroke didn’t take away her spirit. She and a man she met inside ran away from the home and escaped to Rockin’ Rodeo where they partied and then I believe married soon after. That was Dorothy. She past away mid year in 2007; I do not have all of the exact details as I do not remember the dates… I am trying to get the details for this tribute.

If you have any additional information about her obituary or specific dates of her death, please comment below and I will add it to this page.  Thank you.  -Taja


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