Josephine Bertha Enderle {1933 – 2013}

Josephine Bertha Enderle {October 6, 1933 – April 16, 2013} 0102552885001lr
Obituary published in the Bakersfield Californian on Sunday April 21st:
Josie was called home to Heaven by her Lord on April 16, 2013-apparently there was a shortage of Angels.  She died peacefully surrounded by loving family members.  She was 79 years old.  What a Love story!  Josie was born during the great depression, in Burbank, CA to Joseph and Bertha Miller, Austrian and German immigrants, respectively. Her Father was a junk dealer, and her Mother was simply an angel.  They were true Hillbillies, living day to day in the hills of Hasley Canyon without electricity.  She ground engine heads on homemade tracks (this gave her a 19 inch waist), fought ants for food, and learned to find the value in any discarded item; everything she came across had hidden beauty and purpose.  This hard life, and a natural talent, made her an artist, and a compassionate human being.  In the spring of 1952, her Knight in Shining Armor, Norman “Ed” Enderle thundered into the hills of Hasley Canyon on a Triumph motorcycle and fell in love with the flaxen haired, hazel eyed, beautiful angel that would be his true love for all of eternity.  It was (is) an intense, fiercely loyal love from then on.  They dated for 3 months, and then married in Vegas on June 6, 1952.  Ed raced motorcycles, and since their motorcycle was their only vehicle, they rode to the races, Mom cheered him through the races, and then they rode home afterward.  She often chased him through the dessert while he raced, providing him with fuel, and sustenance.  She really loved her man.  She was also an avid fisherwoman, almost always out-fishing Ed by size or quantity.  He loved it though; it made him proud. Josie worked at Transonic as a solderer very early in life, and then as a bookkeeper at the family business that she and Ed built together.  Josie and Ed fought the good fight to becoming parents.  It took 9 years and many prayers/surgeries/heartaches, but the waiting paid off with the birth of her son, Edward and daughter, Cathy.  Josie was an incredible Mother and Grandmother, protective and caring.  Even though she had a limited education, she was very intelligent, resourceful, and able and she instilled a sense of wonderment and a thirst for knowledge into her children and grandchildren.  She was a Christian who read scripture daily, loved her Lord with all of her heart, and led her children to a life in Christ. Vacations were built around cave exploration, dams, mining, etc… there was always something to learn about.  She was a talented artist and painted many pictures some winning awards.  Her upbringing made arts and crafts particularly interesting.  Magazine pages were made into beads,

scrap wood was decorated with wood burning tools, Log Cabin syrup bottles were antiqued…the possibilities were endless with all of the hidden treasures she stockpiled.  Josie also was a master craftswomen, building cabinets and other furniture for her family.  She was a Cub Scout leader, children’s bible study teacher and often a room mother.  Every friend of her children and grandchildren, imperfections and all, were loved and treated as family, and -even through divorce and tiffs- remained family.  As stated before “everything (everybody) she came across had hidden beauty and purpose”.  A specific treat of being a blood or adopted family member, meant German pancakes for breakfast if you were lucky enough to spend the night.  Josie is preceded in death by her father and mother, Joseph and Bertha Miller, sisters Pauline Hurley and Faye Miller.  Survivors include her husband (boyfriend) Norman “Ed” Enderle, Sister Ruthie Hurley, son and daughter in law Edward and Debbie Enderle, daughter and son-in-law Cathy and Tom Baca, honorary daughter, Lynda Fette. Grandchildren include, Jacqui Fette and Fiancé Jonathan Mills, Taja and husband Cris, Jamie Howell of Georgia, Chloe Fette and Fiancé Chace Machado, Eddie Enderle and girlfriend Roselee Wilson, Gabriel Baca, and one great grandchild Brittany Fette.  Her survived family extends to numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, others that became part of the family out of pure love, and her scrappy dog Ginger.  We wish to extend our deepest appreciation to the people who cared so lovingly for Josie including the staff at San Joaquin Hospital, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Lifehouse Health Services, and Hospice Services.  Without these beautiful people, our journey to the end of Josie’s life on Earth would have been unbearable.  Thank you!

Funeral Services will be held at Mish Funeral Home in Oildale on Tuesday, April 23, at 3pm.

Josephine Bertha Enderle (Gramma Jo) is my maternal grandmother. She had an aneurysm on February 11, 2013 and was immediately airlifted to Cedar Sinai Hospital in Hollywood where she stayed until April 2013.  We had finally got her back here in Bakersfield & were all looking forward to her rehabilitation when she caught a fatal dose of pneumonia which, in her already weakened state, her body could not fight off.  We were called to rush to the hospital on April 14th & were told she was probably not going to make it through. If she did, we were told that this would probably eliminate the likelihood that she would be able to rehabilitate.  Due to her living will, this being an unacceptable outcome, the only course of action was to allow her comfort and peace to pass without the struggle of an unworthy fight.  Much of her family was at her bedside for the rest of her life as she slowly left us. She was a fierce mother to all who knew her. And, most would say, the most loving person in our lives.  To say I will miss her cannot possibly explain my feeling of loss.  I will never be the same.                         -Taja

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