Steve E. Armington {1943 – 1991}

Steve E. Armington

SteveArmingtonRIP(Jul 29, 1943 – Jan 15, 1991) <-Dates not confirmed

Steve was my grandfather; my dad’s biological father.  I grew up knowing my dad’s step-dad Ron Beiber as my grandpa and never knew or even met Steve.  I only found out about him, later, after he had passed away.

My dad, Ken Beiber, once told me that Steve was adopted to Armington but was born Collins. My dad, who was born Armington had a similar situation; he was adopted by his step-dad and named Beiber.  If no one had been adopted, my last name would have been Collins at birth.  It is interesting to me, and good to know when trying to find information on past family history.

I am trying to gather information about Steve. I cannot find his obituary online like most.  Any information you have, please post it to the comment section and I will update this page.

Thank you.  -Taja


Not yet confirmed as the same Steve Armington.





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