Recipe: Späetzle (Enderle Family Recipe)

Grandma Josie in her 20sMy Grandma, Josie Enderle made us this dish every year on Thanksgiving or Christmas (sometimes both).  She passed away April 2013 and my mom and I put together the recipe. My mom, Cathy, had an idea of how to make it but it was an eyeballing recipe only. She eyeballed it and tested it until it was right, and wrote it down so we could share it with the family.
  • 7    Large Eggs
  • ↑   Same Parts Water
  • 4    Cups Flour
  • 1.5  Tsp. Salt
  • 1    Pound Swiss Cheese
  • 1    Brick Butter (or about 6 tablespoons)
  • 1/2  Onion
 Break eggs open into a jar, pour into mixing pan.  Use the same jar to measure water to the same level as was the eggs, pour into mixing pan.  Stir in flour & salt.
 The consistency of the batter should be very thick and should have nice “hang time” when lifting the spoon from the batter.  To test mixture you can drop some into boiling water, you should get a thick dumpling with a hard chewy texture. It should not be soft or egg like.  If too soft, add more flour.
Boil large pot of water, on a soft to medium boil.
Use a späetzle sieve (there are many different types) to slowly plop the batter into the water. (I find it best to do this in 3 batches to keep it from over-cooking as you slowly lower the whole bowl of batter into the water)  Through the sieve it will create a drippy dumpling shape as it enters the boiling water. Be sure the sieve is not too close to the steam or the batter will cook prematurely & block the holes of the sieve. The “Späetzle-Ass” Lid doesn’t work because of this-the lid sits right in the steam & the holes are blocked immediately by cooked batter.Remove the cooked späetzle after no more than 2 mins or it will overcook.  If you are unsure if you have cooked it thoroughly, take a small piece and taste it. It should be slightly soft on the outside, while chewy. It should have a very definite form.
Once the finished Späetzle is removed from the water, allow it to cool a little and harden.
Take a frying pan and slice & saute the onions in butter to a purple/browned state.

Cut up/shred the Swiss cheese.

You will need to use a process called “folding” instead of “stirring” to mix in the  remaining ingredients. (Stirring can cause the späetzle to lose form.  Folding is basically taking scoops and flipping them to achieve the same goal.)

Fold the butter into späetzle noodles. Then fold in the onions and cheese until the cheese is thoroughly melted.

Your späetzle should be finished!  It can be eaten as is and is also really good with a beef gravy.


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