Regarding my sudden distaste for Music

I am not sure what it is lately. But even though the urge to listen to music is still there, the enjoyment is completely missing. What is that?

My favorite musical genres are 80s pop, 90s alternative, Rock, and Oldies. I also like the occasional punk, psychobilly, metal, pop, R&B, ..and even rap when its clever. I hate country music and reggae.

Lately at work, or in my car, when music is the obvious background distraction, I turn on my favorite Pandora station and am left completely annoyed. With all of my oldies favorites, I am annoyed because the songs are all overplayed –to me. They are old and have been around for-ev-er so I have heard them for years. Same now with my 90s music, now. There is not enough new stuff that I like to warrant listening to a new music station without getting annoyed too. A lot of the new stuff is too generic to me. I know that is a cliché remark but that is the best way to describe it. It all sounds the same. That makes me sound old… but it’s true.

It feels weird to be annoyed with music. Is this an age thing? When I was a teenager I thought I was a huge music lover and always would be. It is a strange thing to be so irritated with even the best songs… like I am bitter somehow. Maybe it is part of my new world of chemical imbalance. Maybe that is why older people don’t like music as much… chemicals are all screwed up.

Whatever it is, it has become a noticeable fact of my life now. It’s weird and scares me a little bit just from the strangeness of it. I mean, its music! Music is supposed to make you happy!…


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