Review: A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice & Fire #3)

A Storm of Swords
A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
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Spoiler Alert!! Sorry… These books are so crazy. I try to use spoiler tags but I think I let some stuff slip. Just be warned!

Yea, wow! First of all… the amount of dead in this book was crazy. You couldn’t tell at any moment if your favorite characters were going to get killed off! I can’t believe they killed off Robb, Grey Wind & Catelyn, that made me sad. Not because I gave two hoots about them but because I already really feel for the poor Stark kids and didn’t want the ones I do like to lose their big brother. Also because there is something about the wolves that I don’t like seeing dwindled. They hold such a magical bond to the Stark kids. I was actually glad Catelyn died because her chapters are usually pretty boring! And the ending she totally came back? I mean, is she still alive or is she an “Other” or whatever now..? She was oddly described like something had changed in her, though I suspect the change could just have been a Mother’s Scorn having lost all of her children as she suspects. I am glad for Sansa & Arya that their mother is not dead, but she is annoying to me especially because of her feelings toward Jon who is one of my faves.

Speaking of Jon, wow. Just WOW. JON IS LORD COMMANDER!! that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad he is not a “turncloak” anymore; that had me worried for a while… And he found Ghost again which is awesome. I was glad to see Sam safety returned to the Wall and glad to see Ygrette didn’t get to safety leave it. She annoyed me a LOT and poor Jon was too easily won since he had never been shown a woman’s attention. Though, the fact that he refused Winterfell means that he is not supposed to take a wife, still, so he best get used to it. I don’t know which is worse,.. to know a woman’s love at least once before his vows were kept,.. or to now know what he will be missing by keeping those vows.

They killed off the stupid kid, too. When Joffrey was choking to death, all I could think was how he deserved much worse. Especially after that display with his uncle and the dwarf jesters, goodness. He is such a brat. And, now he is DEAD!!!!!!!! Though, he was interesting to read about, I am still glad he got his.

I was elated when Sansa finally escaped. It was about time she got away from all that Crazy. Though, I was worried that somehow she would never reach the Vale. Though, when she did, I was annoyed because I had forgotten how much I hated the Brat of the Vale & his horrid mother. But then Petyr killed Lysa!!!!!!!!! I hate her so I was happy about that. I was seriously wondering if he would right beforehand too, it was only wishful, I never thought he really would but when he did I was so happy.

I was really really worried about Tyrion. After Joffrey’s death and the trial, jeez… I thought that somehow Jamie would help him but I never dreamed he would help him escape! And then Tyrion killed his father!!!!! And then smelled his father die & said he had lied about shitting gold! OMG I am not into crude humor but even I laughed our loud when I read that. I am glad Tyrion wasn’t killed off, though, I really like him. He is the most interesting. After the trial with the Mountain That Rides, I thought for sure that Tyrion would be killed off, especially because this author has no problem doing that as we have well seen. lol

And Arya left the Hound dying, which was cool. She got back her Needle!! and also got to kill the Tickler! I loved that as well. She is all alone again, though. I wished she and Gendry had gotten closer. The two Baratheon Bastards are interesting to me: Edric & Gendry… I wonder what will become of those two.

So, lets see. What is the final count??

Joffrey Baratheon, King & Bastard of Twincest by Jaime & Cersei Lannister.

Robb Stark, King of the North & son of Winterfell.

Grey Wind, Robb’s wolf.

Tywin Lannister, Throne behind the king in King’s Landing.

Lysa of the Vale, fat & disgusting.

Ygrette Kissed with Fire, a Wildling and lover of Jon Snow.

Shae the whore, liar and whore to Tyrion Lannister.

Catelyn Stark, Mother of the Stark children, raised from the dead by the end.

…I feel like I am forgetting someone…

OMG I will have to move right on to the next book… I keep picking ’em up then reading loads of other books along with them so that it never ends! I began this book back in May and have stopped several times to read all sorts of other stuff. Too bad this series doesn’t have more books to dote over.

I thought this was funny:

Awe, lol poor Jon:

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