Review: An Idiot Abroad

An Idiot Abroad
An Idiot Abroad by Karl Pilkington
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This book was like watching a documentary you’ve already seen. Not un-entertaining if you enjoyed it the first time, but more like a rerun than I was expecting. An Idiot Abroad (the reality show) is one of those comfort shows for me. I have been a fan of Karl Pilkington since the first time I watched The Ricky Gervais Show which is a cartoonized version of the podcast where he indulgently introduces Karl to the world. There is something very comforting about Karl’s existence. And I can’t put a finger on it, but it makes rewatchability of any Karl programs extremely high.

Anyway, having watched the show several times over, I figured I would love the book which was basically his diary while away. Anyone who has seen the podcast knows his diary entries are just amazing. There were several tidbits not in the show but there were also tons that were on camera… almost like they had to add filler in case anyone hadn’t seen the show so they “novelized” portions of each episode into each chapter. With that, it made it less something new and more a rerun. Still good, but not rush-through-to-the-end good.

Even though I pre-bought the other idiot abroad books, I am not sure I will read them.

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