Can’t Believe I read the whole California Driver Handbook…

California Driver Handbook
California Driver Handbook (2016 edition) by Department of Motor Vehicles
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Reading a book (or manual) like this is not fun and can be pretty boring. Of course, I read it cover to cover to be sure that I knew if any laws had changed since I am required to take the written test upon renewing my license this year. Also because reading it at least once more than doubles your chance of guessing correctly when taking the test. I have found this to be true, as I took practice test before and didn’t do so well. The same practice tests were much easier after the full reading.

I did find out one interesting tidbit: The 10 & 2 hand positions on the steering wheel are no longer considered the ideal. Now they are stating that you should use either the 9 and 3, or the 8 and 4. Odd…

In case anyone is wondering… I live in Kern County and I am 35 this year with very little total DMV points. So, I have no idea why I am required to retake the written for my renewal this year. Others I have asked weren’t required to do the same.

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9/29/16- an update…. I took the test this morning and passed!  Thank goodness… I was really dreading that written test.  I asked the lady at the DMV and she said that everyone is required to re-take the written around every 15 years or so.  So, I guess I won’t have to worry about it for a while again.  Also, my new driver’s license requires my glasses while driving.  I think my old one did too… but I don’t remember them specifically stating it.  Funny, though,.. they made me retake my photo and didn’t want the glasses in the picture.  Strange since that changes my face somewhat…


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