Review: Dearly Devoted Dexter (Dexter #2)

Dearly Devoted Dexter
Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started this book quite a while ago. I only just picked it back up last week when I finished [b:The Hellbound Heart|52635|The Hellbound Heart|Clive Barker||1093522] by [a:Clive Barker|10366|Clive Barker|]. It got me in to the darker stories so I picked this one back up for a look-see.

I would say that it was overall – pretty good … though difficult to compare to the awesome TV series. This book 2 was worlds different from season 2. The TV show strayed quite a bit by the end of book 1 in ways that could not lead it down the same path. That is mainly the reason I was so excited to read this one knowing that it had to differ from the show just by the changes presented at the end of book 1. I will admit that I was a little bit dissapointed by the lack of exploration on the subject of Debs who found out about Dexter’s dark passenger at the end of book 1. I really wanted to see their relationship change,.. or see her act all weird at least in an attempt to get used to it and eventually accept it, yada yada.. But, instead, they just have her say “don’t forget Dex, I know you” like she caught him lying once.. it was really downplayed and disappointingly so.

The main killer in this was horrifying. Dr. Danco is probably going to rear his ugly head in my nightmares if I ever have any. Losing a limb is an odd sort of fear of mine. It is, what I like to call, my irrational fear. Some people have an irrational fear of spiders. My mom has an irrational fear of sink holes. Mine is losing a limb. Dr. Danco’s method is probably the most disturbing thing that I could even think of being done to anyone – ever. I am pretty sure nothing will ever top that as far as killers go. So, that was a major plus since this was meant to scare me. lol.

I think that the best revelation of this book (and also quite different from season 2 or any of the show) is the discovery that Cody may have his very own Dark Passenger for Dexter to train! That will be interesting to read in upcoming books, for sure!!!!

The overall flow of the book was pretty easy to read. Parts were a little boring but not unpleasant. The genre of “mystery” is a little less my choice so the boring-ness of the hunt is a fault of mine and should not be counted against the story. Also, because I am a huge Dexter (tv show) fan, the books do not seem so instantly gratifying; this, again, should not be faulted by the book or story.

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