Review: Dexter By Design (Dexter #4)

Dexter By Design
Dexter By Design by Jeff Lindsay

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As usual, even when the story is slow, Dexter is a fun character to read. His inner dialog is interesting in any situation.

This book began with a gruesome “art” exhibit and ended in a remarkably similar fashion. I was rather surprised that I didn’t see it coming…but the beginning sequence seemed really random and so I didn’t think to compare it with how the rest of the story might turn out.

I was pretty freaked out my the content in book #2 with the guy who chopped peoples limbs off, etc. but I realize now that [a:Jeff Lindsay|10482|Jeff Lindsay|] must have a thing for limb removal as a tool for shock and horror. I admit it is a very good tool and does its due diligence in creeping me out enough to hope for nice non-nightmarish dreams. As a rule, I don’t scare very easily on horror or suspense in any form. But as a person with a losing-a-limb-phobia, (a phobia that is not yet properly named) I can say that after over-exposure to this theme across the Dexter books, my irrational phobia is gearing away from the OCD madness and more into a general fear. Thanks Mr. Lindsay! /s

I will, of course, be reading book 5. Though, I have a lot on my list so not immediately.

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