Review: Dexter in the Dark (Dexter #3)

Dexter in the Dark
Dexter in the Dark by Jeff Lindsay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

SLIGHT PLOT SPOILER AHEAD. I usually spoiler-tag my review spoilers but I don’t believe I am giving away any details – I just felt it necessary to warn you about a slight left turn that the series takes which seems to have disappointing many readers. I had a more open mind to the change because I had been warned before reading and was grateful to that knowledge… which I know pay-forward…**

Although I still really enjoyed this book, some people may be weirded out by the sudden fantastical sidebar that the author took in explaining Dexter’s Dark Passenger as a paranormal being rather than the metaphor we all thought it to be until now.

I am a major fan of all things fantasy so having a paranormal creature suddenly pop-up in the only reality fiction that I read was amazing. It was weird for my beautiful Dexter to go from circumstantial monster to parasite host but I am easily persuaded and easily excepted the new twist as a fun addition to my Dexter World being a reader of the books instead of just the watcher of the show.

We have all readily accepted that Dexter has some abilities due to his passenger but I always attributed that to his diligent perception rather than to the separate perception of his alternate personality known as the Dark Passenger. I perceived his altered explanation as a sort of multiple personality, though, so really it wasn’t so far fetched. For those of you who are really in to mystery as reality fiction and not mystery as fantasy or paranormal horror, then you may not like this as much as the others. In fact, as I have read through the many reviews, this seems to be the major blip in the otherwise great book is the shock of the additional explanation to his personality.

Other than this fact which I have droned on about for far too long, the other major themes in the book were already set up by the previous book. These being the impending doom of the wedding, and Cody and Astor’s like-interests to Dexter’s Dark Passenger. These themes were continued as the story continued and were not ignored for other plot points.

Overall, this was a really fun book to read and, although I was reading three other books at the time, this book actually dominated my attention more than the others. It is worth a try if you can open your mind to fantasy-fiction where the story is concerned, otherwise you may be disappointed in the slight turn of the character development in our favorite serial killer.

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