Review: Fable 3 – Xbox360 – ★★★★☆

Fable III – Xbox360

Posted by Tajanator on November 15, 2010 at 2:58 PM

Fable III  Xbox360 – Game Review

My Rating ★★★★★★★✯☆☆ (7.5 stars)

So, I am a humongous fan of the Fable games. I love the RPG Sandbox genre… it is actually the only gaming genre that can keep my attention. It is also the only game genre that I have ever been able to play a game thru to the end and beat the game. The others are just un-interesting.

I would say overall that although I loved this game, I was rather disappointed. Fable 2 was better… I loved Fable 2!! The game play was awesome, and the story was gripping… In Fable 3 I enjoyed the game play but I wasn’t dying to get home to play it. Unlike Fable 2, in Fable 3 I didn’t even dream about romping the hills of Albion and searching for treasures (which I actually did with Fable 2). The game rushes toward the end without as many turns and twists… there is less to do… Fable 3 is just more linear. For a sandbox game… the last thing you wanna be is linear. I mean… ever play Oblivion and you will KNOW the definition of sandbox!!

The menu is the biggest difference, but I like the new menu because it really helps to organize your inventory… and the co-op is way better cuz you get to take your full inventory & your dog. You can even buy items & level up in another person’s game.

On the bad side… the map system BLOWS!! There is NO way to navigate once you are in a town. You can’t tell if you are going north or south or anywhere & you can’t tell when you are about to enter a new loading area- it just suddenly says “brightwall village” and begins loading, so if you didn’t mean to leave your current location, you have to wait for it to load, and turn around and wait for it to load again before you get back… there is no compass or map system on the screen. Also, the golden trail is kind of glitchy and goes away for long period of time when it glitches… which means you have no way of following your quest because not only is your trail gone but the quests don’t tell you which city/house/etc to be at so even with the crappy navigation you would have NO chance without the trail… yea.

The dog is still there but now, if you haven’t already done training 1, or 2 it doesn’t matter. If you find a training book #5 you automatically bypass the other levels. (I find that dumb because if it is THAT easy to level your dog what is the point in making the dog level at all… he should just start out at 5 & be done with it) Also the guild seals take over other experience so where you would normally “learn” things where you wanted to learn them… (apply all to building up only magic, etc.) now you just go to some other dimension and buy them with guild points – including expressions and dyes. The guild points only allow you to level a little at a time so you end up leveling your magic, strength, and melee at the same time instead of only where you want it… The weapons are more interactive but you have WAY less options so you can’t buy better weapons or find better weapons, your weapons just follow you around and level up as you do which i think sucks. By the end of Fable 2, I could kick ANYONE’S ass like with one hit. Now, you still have to sit there and fight like you just started- even after you have beat the game which just gets annoying. I am level 5 in everything and it still takes 4 hits and more to kill a hobb? That is just bad programming.

If you have never played an awesome RPG, then Fable 3 will ROCK YOUR WORLD. But if you were a fan of Fable 2 and therefore, you know how good this kind of game can be… then you will probably be let down with Fable 3.

I am not gonna say I didn’t like the game, because I did… but each fable seems to take away from the previous instead of adding… like they are going backwards in the way of levels of awesomeness. Which sucks…

I still love it and will still buy and play the Fable games… I just hope they don’t lose sight of what they accomplished in the past games. They will lose their audience if they stray too far.


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