Review: Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades #2)

Fifty Shades Darker
Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book would have received a 1 star rating if I had quit reading at 41% (which is what I wanted to do) if it hadn’t been for my StepMom who edged me on. Having done so successfully, I kept reading and found that the book was waiting to surprise me with some actual plot and action, for once. I should mention, here, that I completely skipped the MANY sex scenes this time because I don’t like reading them. If I hadn’t had to skip the book’s main theme (sex & erotica) then I might have even granted this book with 3-stars. I still hate the writing, the author’s repetitive use of the same narration over and over again is exhausting… but the Crazy Stalker Chick was interesting, as was his revelation after the fact. The most honest portion of this book was, hands down, his begging on his knees for her not to leave him again. As I said before, the only interesting thing about this book is the character Christian Grey. Ana is kind of annoying in her “I will never leave you” / “we really aren’t compatible” yada yada BS. It was annoying how often she flip-flopped challenging even the worst politicians. Ugh. The Elena “Mrs. Robinson” character gave some fun interludes… the arguments and fights that irrupted during her scenes were amusing. I was glad that Christian really stood up to her and wasn’t an ass like men can be in those situations.

This book is such a fantasy, though; it is ridiculous. As amusing as the last half of the book was to read, there were so many things that make his character completely un-real. I suppose this is what draws many fans to him and to the series, but its almost hard to believe its so fake. A complicated crazy fucked up man does NOT change after a 3 week relationship with a Newb. It would be cool if this sort of thing happened, but it doesn’t. Also, who would WANT to be with such a fucked up man? Lets explore Ana’s fuckedupness for a moment and read into her thought process as to why this is something she thinks she wants to explore.. obviously she has issues there as well.

Side note.., I read a story about a fan. A woman who is in her late 40s who read this, and asked her husband to do BDSM stuff and because he refuses, she leaves him. Leaves him! This woman divorces her husband… I think that the main fanbase for this series has really missed the fucking point. He is fucked up… it is the reason he is a sadist… and you want your HUSBAND to become this person? I mean, talk about missing the point. Geez… and honestly, if the author WANTS us to get this point then there is other fuckedupness to behold.

And lastly, this is Twilight fanfiction?? There were many plot similarities, but the draw for me to Twilight was the action and the plot and the stuff in the background. The romance is good but only if there is something happening… Romance for the sake of romance is incredibly boring. All I got in most of book one and half of book two was repetitive dialog between two characters and nothing happening around them… nothing worth reading, anyway. The twilight stuff is weird and just creeps up… like his huring her during sex… Edward didn’t wanna hurt her during sex. His hang gliding… Edwards fast-run through the trees… there are many many more similarities that are, quite frankly, annoying. If you want to write a book, then write it. Don’t claim to be related to another book series -in any way- when you are really just stealing similar plot points for your depravity. Its quite annoying reading the similarities knowing that this book which hold no candle to Twilight, actually partially rode its coattails. Actually, its sort of offensive. Maybe that is harsh, but seriously… write your own story. Dude..

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