Review: Hidden (House of Night #10)

Hidden by P.C. Cast
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hidden was yet another AMAZING installment of the House of Night series. ♥

In so many of the HoN books, you get the struggle between good and evil. Many of the earlier books had main characters really struggling with their righteousness. Zoey lied to her friends all the time and they bickered like children all the time and there was boy-drama. Several books ago, the series seemed to be making a slight change from immature to mature with the characters slowly realizing that they need to be more honest and forthright with one another. This book was a cake topper of that sort in my opinion.

Kalona, Rephaim, & Aurox are some of the most interesting characters to me. They are evil that chose Light. Stevie Rae and Stark had the same choice which made their characters really interesting as well. With Rephaim and Aurox, though, it wasn’t just a choice that they had to make, it was a turn from their instincts and their nature. These were beings born from darkness and created by evil and still the choice was presented to them. Aurox is really interesting to read about because Heath was so memorable. Knowing that Aurox had Heath’s soul entrapped within his darkness bound body was really hard at first; the authors could have easily done bad things with him to make it interesting and I am really glad that they did not. I knew that the truth of Heath’s soul had to come out at some point, though, so I was not totally worried. What I totally didn’t expect was to see Kalona come 180 degrees and suddenly completely choose light!! I really enjoyed that little surprise.

Ahhh… these books are such a guilty pleasure. They are they most typical YA books imaginable: short reads, lots of drama, directed toward A.D.D. attention spans so they have way too much going on in a short period of time, cheesy romance,… and yet, I love the crap out of them!

I cannot wait for the next installment next year..

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