Review: Insurgent (Divergent #2)

Insurgent by Veronica Roth
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Until I found out that there will be a third book, I was quite irritated toward this book. The ending was a non-ending, which makes more sense if a 3rd book is on the way. But beside that, there were a lot of little things that left me more uninterested about Tris’ journey.

Although I will probably continue to book three once it comes out, there were a lot of lulls in the story that had me picking up other books instead of getting through this one quickly. Tris is often quite whinny and is a huge liar which I hate. The lying would be fine if there ever seemed to be a really good reason, but most of the time, I felt like she should have tried to trust more people -especially her friends and bf- more often. Considering that one of her factions should be Abnegation, it was dumb that she didn’t have more faith in her pals.

The story seemed to climax OK but without proper release. I feel confused on what happened at the end and what the big reveal was supposed to be. Are they all in a simulation? Are they all in a closed off city? How are the factions and Divergent supposed to help people from being murderers, when all of them also killed many people throughout these two books? I feel like I would have needed a little more help from the author to understand the meaning of the whole damned thing, and feel I jipped that I didn’t get it.


I want to say to you all that this was a good book,.. but I can’t do it. I really liked book one. And, I didn’t hate this book, and will probably read book three, so it doesn’t mean I don’t think it isn’t worth reading,… just that I will have really high expectations for book three to end the story well, and to fill in all the story gaps that I feel were left by the end of this book.

Here is hoping for a better installment next time,… and for a good wrap up with all the explanation and excitement that the story deserves.

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