Review: Life After Life

Life After Life
Life After Life by Kate Atkinson
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This book is so horribly boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no point to the duplicating timelines whatsoever. She attempted to do something interesting there, I admit it is what drew me to this book but I am astounded that so many people consider this a good read. I half wonder if people don’t rate it highly just because they think they are supposed to like it since New York Times said it is one of the notable books of 2013. All I can take away from that fact, is that I cannot trust New York Times to know SHIT about a good book.

The timeline repeats over and over as she dies then returns, which sounded cool, but was in reality just retardedly repetitive. It would have been better had the repetitive story lines been entertaining but even that was left out as each story line is dull and boring and droned on for too many pages with information that never seemed important.

When I decided not to complete the book, I checked spoilers to see if the story ever picked up pace or threw you for a turn that made the whole book worth while and from what I read, the portions that were boring and stupid were never made important to the story. The end result, the whole point to the entire story, doesn’t even make sense… but because of the notoriety of the character mentioned, probably got this book much more praise than it had any right to claim. Just because your book alters time to kill Hitler, doesn’t mean I forgive you for all the badly written portions that you made me read to get to the “ah-ha” moment that reveals that incredibly non-imaginative “twist”.

Don’t waste your time.

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