Review: Memnoch the Devil (Vampire Chronicles #5)

Memnoch the Devil
Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was extremely disappointing to me. I love Lestat and I cherish the time I spend getting to know him and all of his adventures but feel like this was completely outside the Chronicles and was more a pedestal for the author to go all religious on us.

I felt this book to be very arrogant and preachy.

The story itself was uninteresting and most of it has all been heard before in one form or another. The story of Creation and all of the rest of Christian Mythology wasn’t even told in a way that was interesting to me. I felt myself wondering exactly when we were going to get to the point or at least get to the action. Before you guess at it, yes I am an atheist, but that doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy Christian Mythology.. I have read many books that explore the possibilities of the characters of Angels, etc. to very interesting outcomes. [b:Fallen|6487308|Fallen (Fallen, #1)|Lauren Kate||6678670], [b:Hush, Hush|6339664|Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1)|Becca Fitzpatrick||6525609], & [b:The Fallen|523424|The Fallen (The Fallen, #1)|Thomas E. Sniegoski||14604425] are just a few examples of great stories where much Christian Mythology is woven into the novel; the difference is that in this book, there is no story other than the religious portions. In other words, this book doesn’t just have religious undertones or religious themes, it is thoroughly a book about Creation and God. It is Anne Rices’ take on how it all began and why Hell & Heaven exist, where they are and how they are ran.

I had to say, as well, that there is a small blip in this book that no other Vampire book seems to explore in my reading experience. A woman’s menstruating effect on a vampire. I, unfortunately, had the pleasure of reading about it in this book when Lestat -distraught and dazed from his experience with Memnoch & God- comes back to the apartment and, in front of Armand & David, shoves Dora down and begins licking her blood from her. Not only was it really gross and disturbing,.. but it made no sense in the scene whatsoever. Dora is almost a Nun in her character explanation up to that point and you can’t tell me that her lack of fear of him goes all the way toward letting him do that, without privacy, without permission, and in front of two other men in the room.
Also, GROSS!!!!

I feel sort-of gypped that Anne Rice wrote this book under the guise of being one of the Vampire Chronicles when, clearly, it was meant as a religious statement and could have been a single novel written outside this series. It is almost as if she knew she wanted a larger audience and therefore pretended this to be part of a popular series. It reminds me of what Movie Stars do when they jump atop their soap boxes in the media, or what Rock Stars do when they give you a bunch of political ideology in the midst of a concert. Its BS and I, personally, hate that shit.

On a different note: Outside the theme of the book being very annoying as stated above, the book was – as all of Anne Rice’s books are – very easy to read, easy to follow along with, and immersive enough that finishing the book was a simple task. Not many books get 2-stars for me. 2-stars is designated to books that I was able to finish easily enough because it was interesting enough to do so yet I disliked or was disappointed with the book anyway. The difference is that, with 3-stars, it meant that I didn’t want to quit reading halfway through because of my annoyance… I really wanted to see what would happen; I just hoped something better would have happened and felt let-down.

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