Review: Memories of the Future – Volume 1

Memories of the Future - Volume 1
Memories of the Future – Volume 1 by Wil Wheaton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is not the type of book that I typically read. I am usually in to fantasy or sci-fi. I am a huge Star Trek fan, though, so this title seemed intriguing to me. I was not expecting the episode to episode recap but it was enjoyable to hear the recap as told by a cast member as awesome as Wesley Crusher himself.

I was amused reading his line: “Oh, that’s pure fucking genius writing there, guys; that’s not going to alienate a single fan. Bravo. Here, have a nice slow clap from me to you.” -direct quote from location#1306/65% via Kindle because I actually did feel alienated on a couple aspects….: I felt as though there were some “inside jokes” that I didn’t understand. I understood many of his hidden pop culture movie quotes and references but not all were hidden. Some were blatantly asking me to know “yada yada” to understand the punch line of some of his coined snark which I unfortunately didn’t fully “get” and didn’t feel like putting the book down to google and therefore missed the joke entirely.

Let me sidebar my review for just a moment to rant slightly on an annoyance that I know I am not alone in experiencing:

I felt that he specifically attempted to alienate the half of the country that doesn’t vote left or blue in the poles. Mr. Wheaton specifically mentions a few republicans as example of stupidity, etc. in this book. While I may agree that there were some very dumb things done under certain presidents, etc., I hate when actors, authors, comedians, musicians, etc. feel the need to shove their political opinions in your face by subtly hiding it in their books, songs, interviews, etc. I get it if you are writing a book on politics or whatever but I was sad to see it mentioned so often in this – a comical recap of an awesome show that does not cater only to the left but that we can all enjoy. I would rather that Trek and other awesome sci-fi could be a thing that people could have in common. People who believe differently on religion and politics should all be able to watch and enjoy this stuff together. I dream of a world where politics and religion (I am grouping religion into this rant even though Wil Wheaton did NOT bring religion into his book because it bothers me equally) can be set aside for the common love of comedy and of sci-fi.

Ok, back to my review..

While there were obviously a few things that rubbed me wrong, on the whole this book was very enjoyable. I really loved reading of his perspective on the background of these first 13 episodes and enjoyed having some of the writing/producing stuff explained better.

I had a love/hate relationship with his making fun of the many flaws, though. While I enjoyed having plot holes pointed out – things that I honestly didn’t notice myself – I was torn because it almost seemed like Wil himself is severely making fun of the show as a non-fan. Because I know he is a fan from reading his blog and following him on twitter, I didn’t have to worry that aspect. And while I also enjoyed his self deprecation on his own character Wesley Crusher, I never agreed with the wesley.crusher.die.die.die fans and felt as though he was slightly pandering to those Trekkies who hated his character – making specific remarks as to why everyone would hate him, but leaving out any possible reasons to enjoy his character instead. I was a Wesley Crusher fan. Mostly the reason for this was, as he often mentioned, there were many story lines that the audience seems to understand immediately while the captain and main crew are scrambling around tying to solve it passing obvious clues as not important… and I felt that Wesley had our back & was not-so-dumb and not only understood what the issue was but had the balls to stand up to the adults to tell them how dumb they were that they couldn’t see WTF was really going on!

I really wanted to give this book 4 for “really liked it”… things mentioned above throw me into the not often played 3 stars “I liked it”. And I did like it enough to want to read any additional volumes published in the series… I just really hope for less inside jokes without explanation and less political crap (not that there was a lot,.. just mentioning it at all can be enough). I want more of the thing that made me pickup the book in the first place: Radtacular Wheaton trademarked Snark, bitches!

Poor Wesley, got no love…

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