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Pure by Julianna Baggott
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“We each have a story. They did this to us. There was no outside aggressor. They wanted an Apocalypse. They wanted the end. And they made it happen. It was orchestrated – who got in, who didn’t. There was a master list. We weren’t on it. We were left here to die. They want to erase us, the past, but we can’t let them.” – Bradwell The Boy with Birds in His Back

The above quote really should be how they explain the plot to you. It is much more interesting than the description that I read when looking up the synopsis. My friend, Kris, told me about this book. The thing that got me interested – which wasn’t mentioned in the synopsis I read – was that the people who survived the “Detonations” were fused to the objects that they were nearest when the blast went off. The main characters have dolls head as a hand, living birds stuck in their back, fans in their throat, etc.

I completed this book after many starts and stops. I really did enjoy the story but the getting-to-it was long coming. I will probably read book 2 but not for a while. The book had many lulls that kept me uninterested even though the story was so neat that I kept going back and eventually did read the whole book. This is the reason for only 3 stars. I did like it,.. but not because I enjoyed the sequence of events as much as the plot itself.

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