Review: Rapture (Fallen #4)

Rapture by Lauren Kate
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ahhh… these books. These books are pure pleasure. I cannot say enough about the glee of reading this story. The simple pleasure of the out-of-this-world otherworldly romance with a happy ending is always worth the read.

I really wanted to give this book more than four stars but hesitate on giving it the full five. As 4.5 stars is not an option, this got 4.

The previous book: [b:Passion|9369720|Passion (Fallen, #3)|Lauren Kate||10958266], was the best in the series by far, though. Its blatant gift of uber-romance that was [b:Passion|9369720|Passion (Fallen, #3)|Lauren Kate||10958266] was chapter after chapter of romantic indulgence. Therefore, I was not surprised that this book was less indulgent and more worthy of a series-ending book. The first 20% was a little more difficult to get into, as a story. I am unsure exactly why as I look back on the story because it doesn’t seem boring by any means. I wonder if my reluctance was in worrying what kind of end I would be reading once I got in too deep… I will say that by 45% into the story (per Kindle), I was at a no-stop point. I got to that point yesterday, and read through the night until the final page came at around 2am.

I literally cried when Luce finally began to remember fully her beginning with Daniel.

I was a little weary of the choice that she was to make. I had gathered that she would have to choose Daniel or Heaven or Hell or whatever at some point due to the info in last book.. but when they involved her relationship with Lucifer, and made them choose mortality,.. I was less enthused. I didn’t want anything normal to spoil Luce & Daniel’s otherworldly relationship – even anything as normal as having loved someone before your true love came along. It spoiled something for me… I also didn’t like that Luce & Daniel had to be wiped of all memories and reunite on their own accord as humans during another entirely different life as mortals… I wanted their memories to stay in-tact and be happy in heaven or on earth or maybe she would get to become immortal with him on Earth… anyway .. I also would like to have known what happened after their human lifetime to see if they are happy in Heaven or if they are reincarnated over & over for ever after…? Only [a:Lauren Kate|2905297|Lauren Kate|] knows.

It was still a fabulous story worth every word. The book was epic enough to leave you satisfied after such an epic romance had been introduced. Excellent story worth every moment. ♥

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