Review: Revealed (House of Night #11)

Revealed by P.C. Cast

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book had me worried for the first few chapters…it was totally boring me. It wasn’t until Aurox got drunkwhich was awesome▬ that I starting really getting into the story. Actually, it took me several weeks to slowly get through the first 35% of the book; the rest was read in a day.

I do have to say that I was a little unhappy with the Neferet POV as I am really bored of her. She remains uninteresting to me. It was only barely cool to read her back-story now, this many books in, when it didn’t seem to matter anymore. Why not grant that sort of exposition for earlier portions of the series? odd. I really loved Aurox and am glad that he is written slightly like Heath but I will admit I was annoyed with Zoey’s constant inner dialog about how Aurox sounds like Heath every single time that Heath dialog creeped into Aurox the script. I remember Heath, he was a rad character, you don’t have to remind me over and over that he is coming through Aurox like a beacon.

I also didn’t like the ending. Zoey killed to idiots in a park and was arrested? Seriously? Does that mean that the next book is going to drag me through legal proceedings because there is a reason I do not read court dramas…they are boring!!! I really hope whatever comes from that stupid, no-place-but-down plot twist plays out quickly so we can go back to normal HON stories.

Also, although I do love Aurox, I thought I was done having to hear about Zoey’s stupid love triangles! I really hope that doesn’t drag on and on for much longer. Yes…I know…she chose Stark but lets be honest, Aurox is still there and is still totally Heath-like so I’m sure this isn’t done.

Overall, after 35% of the book was out of the way, it was a good & fun read like always. Hang in there if you are bored at first, as I was. It gets better.

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