Review: The Angel Experiment

The Angel Experiment
The Angel Experiment by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a fun book. I am glad to have read it. I plan to continue the series, as well. It is a young adult genre – and was clearly written for a young audience – but its not so young that you can’t enjoy it at any age. I found the characters likeable, and the adventure very enjoyable. I found myself with many questions by the end that I am guessing are mostly answered through the remaining books in the series.

I am particularly interested in Fang since he was clearly meant to be mysterious… I thought for a while that he might be a double-agent, and technically could be in a later book, but I really hope not. He seems like a good backbone to Max’s leadership in the “Flock”. I also really enjoyed the group discovering new abilities. I hope that continues throughout the series.

This is the first James Patterson book I have read. I have to admit that I am very surprised by his writing style. I know that the style of writing probably changes quite a bit when he is not writing a young adult book… but just some of the way he has his character speak, for instance, seemed like he was meant to write for young readers. The slang, the snarky attitudes, etc. all really lended to the development of the main character in a way that not a ton of authors can do. It is very cool to realize that this author has that ability. It really make me excited to read his other works.

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