Review: The Fall of Five (Lorien Legacies #4)

The Fall of Five
The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore
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I am really mad at Kindle right now. It said I was only 89% done with this book when, in fact, I was on the LAST PAGE!! The Kindle edition had excerpts from other Lorien Legacies after the last page… but Kindle didn’t account for that – IT LIED!! When the book suddenly ended I was really upset because I felt like I had been jipped out of another chapter or two. lol!

This was just as good as the rest so far. The story just gets better and better as more complications arise. I was thoroughly surprised by some of the outcome of the story. I was, I mean, seriously surprised.

Adam: (One-sorta) I read, and loved, both [b:The Fallen Legacies|13622863|The Fallen Legacies (Lorien Legacies The Lost Files, #3)|Pittacus Lore||19211182] & [b:The Search for Sam|15752308|The Search for Sam (Lorien Legacies The Lost Files, #4)|Pittacus Lore||21567477], and then The Forgotten Ones in which we learn all about the struggle of Adamus. At first I was a little put off by a sudden switch into the world of the Mogs but I really grew to love this character. Its really cool to me that there is a Mog wimp who stands up for a fallen Garde to become a powerful, Legacy toting turn-cloak. I was thrilled at the end of the book when he turned up at the penthouse to a surprised Number Four, and was accepted! 😀

Four: (John) Four did his whole Sarah thing which is fine… but it was a little irritating. Not sure why.. I think I have trust issues with her because I spent all of [b:The Power of Six|8659601|The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies, #2)|Pittacus Lore||13530989] thinking she was a traitor.. yea that’s probably it. I like that he has accepted his Leader role. I am also glad that Sam & Malcolm found their way to the group FINALLY. lol

Five: As soon as they walked up to him, I knew something was wrong. He was annoying from the start and I was just waiting for him to go all Traitor on the group. I was not let down. I was, however, surprised by his naivety in thinking he could convince others to join him, join the Mogs, against what they all have been fighting for… It made me feel almost sorry for him. But I love Nine so I was kind of glad to see him beaten by what he had done. I can’t believe he killed Eight. He was one of the good ones.

Six: Really all I have to say about her is that I am glad she and Sam seem to be nearing a relationship, and I am glad she wasn’t all the other woman with Four about that kiss. It shows her character that she doesn’t hate Sarah on principal like many chicks would have.

Seven: (Marina) I feel really bad that she got so close to Eight just to watch him die. I am really looking forward to seeing her new legacy, though.

Eight: R.I.P. Worst part about his passing via a hidden sword-like weapon? It renders his vision of his own demise True. He thought he beat it when Marina healed him back when we are first introduced to his character…but now we see that the visions have a way of coming back around. Interesting considering some of the visions we saw during this book. Bleak.

Nine: I really love this character. He has a good-natured heart even beneath his macho-man act. I still laughed when he punched Five’s metal hard jaw, though. He deserves it sometimes.. I am worried for what they will do in the next book since his back is broken. Hopefully Marina will heal him immediately but apparently not all characters are safe in this story, so..

Ten: (Ella) The kid is kind of annoying to me. I feel sad for her but she is such a weight that the rest bear. The whole “Setrakus Ra might be Loric” is interesting enough, but to add her weird back-story just makes me think her dad IS Setrakus Ra which is an odd story line. I mean, he can shape-shift like Eight could, so… We will see.

I really wished we could have seen a sharing of the legacies portion of the story.. when they are all sharing their individual stories, or even when they all pile into the training room, I really wanted to see each of them stand up and list what they each could do. I really couldn’t remember all of their individual legacies until they reminded me throughout the book . It would have been cool to get a refresher – and would have fit in with the book not seeming so remember what happened last time… like many sequels do.

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