Review: The Hellbound Heart

The Hellbound Heart
The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was pretty good. I had already seen the movie Hellraiser – like most people who watch any horror movies, ever – have seen so the story had no real surprises for me. The only thing I got from the book is clarification. The story is interesting but there were points that I totally missed on screen which were either just not filmed or were not explained well.

The first point being that the cenobites were to offer pleasure. This is sort of important to me since I never understood why the box was willingly openned by anyone – ever.

The second point is that Kristy is not Rory’s daughter which I always just assumed, stacking on to my assumption that Julia was her stepmom and that they hated each other for the typical step-mother/step-daughter relationship which many girls have had to indure at some point. Kristy is just some hanger-on to Rory’s life. I would not even really call them friends so much. SHe is in love with Rory, can’t have him, and Julia is not stupid.

Most of the rest of the story went along just like the movie does, though explaining little bits here and there. Overall, it was rather enjoyable. I would have rated it more stars but for the fact that I had felt like I was un-wowed since I had seen the movie so many times and already knew the story.

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