Review: The IT Crowd – ★★★★★

The IT Crowd

Starring Chris O’DowdRichard Ayoade, and Katherine Parkinson

My Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★ (10 stars)

I am a fan of so called “British Comedy”. That needs to be said right away as this certainly fits into that category. But even so, I think this show could appeal to anyone who gave it a good 3 episode try. It begins a little strange and I even didn’t want to watch it past episode 1 at first. It seemed like stupid humor – and was to a degree at first.The story line is an important aspect, even though this is just another comedy.

Its about two geeks who work in the IT dept which is placed in the basement of a giant company building skyscraper. They find themselves with a new manager – a woman who has no idea how computers work. It has a fish-out-of-water feel to it in both directions. The woman, Jen, is out of her element in her new department. The guys are out of their element in most situations.

The two main actors who portray geeks are really the main reason why this show was so amazing. The 3 main cast members all seem to work amazing together and had that thing.. that unexplainable thing that makes or breaks a cast. The main super geek was my absolute favorite character. Not only was “Moss” silly, but his hair and clothes were just the most amazing thing. His quick wit and naivety made him exceedingly endearing. Paired with Roy, the duo seemed to get into many interesting situations. And there were a few very funny jabs at the unknowing Jen when it came to computer know how.

They had tons of easter-eggs for people looking for them. Their desks were littered with stickers and signs, banners, and figurines of all sorts showing their interest and know-how in obscure and technological. I could go on and on but ultimately, it just needs to be said that if you like geeks, understand anything about computers, or just like British comedies, you really should not pass this show up. It is worth every second and has a genuine rewatchability.


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