Review: The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies #3)

The Rise of Nine
The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore
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These books are so awesome. I have a real problem when books bring you in then don’t deliver, and I have not been dissatisfied yet. Book one had a little more romance than I would like but made up for it with the great characters and story line. Book two was over the top action and somehow, book three – this book – was even more action than the last! Amazing!

I should mention here, too, that I have been getting really bored and annoyed with teen-reads lately because they are all so similar. I used to love to grab a young adult novel now and then and engage in simple story telling and all the dramatic action without all the extra verbage of the normal adult novel. But these books really keep me entertained past the normal point. I was in the middle of [b:A Storm of Swords|62291|A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, #3)|George R.R. Martin||1164465], and [b:Dexter By Design|2999282|Dexter By Design (Dexter, #4)|Jeff Lindsay||3029771]… and this one stole my attention from the other two. 😉

I like how this one breaks it up for you.There are three perspectives:
•You get the perspective of Number Four (John Smith) as usual. He is still with Nine who ends up being a really fun character to come to know.
•Perspective number two is with Number Seven (Marina) who is with Number Ten (Ella) and Number Six. They finally meet up with another of their kind, Number Eight who I wanna learn more about. I barely understand his shape-shifting ability… and would like to know what else he can do besides teleport..
•The final perspective is with Number Six. You get to meet Number Eight and get to know Nine much better.

I can’t wait to meet Number Five… though I wonder… Setrákus Ra has a “scar on his ankle” that was mentioned without detail… the observer said they didn’t get a good look but just noticed it and mentioned it.. that doesn’t seem like something that would be mentioned for no reason so … I am going to be sad if that ends up being Number Five somehow. Though, I have not yet been disappointed, and I am sure it would be done in a way that would be OK.. I still really hope they can save Number Five if that ends up being them.

I already read [b:Six’s Legacy|11237412|Six’s Legacy (Lorien Legacies The Lost Files, #1)|Pittacus Lore||16163583] & look forward to reading the other Lost Files:[bc:Nine’s Legacy|13425352|Nine’s Legacy (Lorien Legacies The Lost Files, #2)|Pittacus Lore||19019363],[bc:The Fallen Legacies|13622863|The Fallen Legacies (Lorien Legacies The Lost Files, #3)|Pittacus Lore||19211182], &[bc:The Legacies|13583463|The Legacies (Lorien Legacies The Lost Files, #1-3)|Pittacus Lore||19170022].

At least I will have something to keep me entertained until the next installment is released.

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